ASTEROIDS-Bridge to Nowhere

An asteroid storm of apocalyptic proportions is headed for Earth.

A mysterious group within the government called the Arcadian’s led by Colonel Cruikshank knows the storm is coming. This corrupt shadow government has taken extreme measures to keep the storm secret while building underground cities to protect the few and the fortunate. Cruikshank’s goal is that after the storm passes his survivors will emerge from the protected cities as a more perfect humanity. He is determined to create his Utopian society, no matter what it takes.

Rick Munday is a husband, father, and struggling Astrophysicist who needs his research grant approved. When Cruikshank learns that Rick’s grant proposal predicts the asteroid storm, Cruikshank drugs and kidnaps Rick, securing him in the underground city of New Arcadia.

On his quest to escape the Arcadian’s and reach his family, Rick, and friends he meets on his journey use high-tech hacking skills to warn the world of the coming disaster, expose the underground cities, and save thousands more souls. Captain Kobalt, Cruikshank’s enforcer chases Rick and his friends across America in an epic adventure leading to a climactic conflict between Rick and Kobalt.

Asteroids–Bridge to Nowhere is a fast-paced near-future dystopian adventure. Watch out! Tribulation will get you out there….

My Debut Novel

ASTEROIDS is my first novel. It has been quite a challenging task. It took me five years to get through the writing and editing process.

I originally launched the book with the sub-title “Escape from the Arcadians” and while the book received several glowing reviews, sales lagged. Several advertisements which featured just the cover art and a short description failed to generate interest, so it appears that people are judging the book by its cover.

I tested the new cover and subtitle with an advertisement on Goodreads and the response was much better. So, I am relaunching as ASTEROIDS-Bridge to Nowhere.

Hopefully the relaunch of ASTEROIDS will prove more successful.

I chock up new cover art and title as part of my novelist, self-publisher education.

Below is the original cover art published in April 2019.

ASTEROIDS is Receiving Great Reviews

Publishers Weekly – Booklife Prize Review

Booklife Prize 9.5 out of 10

Asteroids: Bridge to Nowhere” is a well-plotted, fast-paced book. McCoy’s narrative style flows well between the various characters’ stories and holds the reader’s attention with dramatic tension and enough twists to keep one eagerly turning the pages.

McCoy’s combination of everyday language and scientific jargon is extremely well-balanced. There isn’t a boring passage in the book. McCoy has a gift for creating images using minimal words.

Although asteroids hitting Earth is not a new story idea, McCoy manages to bring a fresh approach to his apocalyptic plot. From the futuristic weapons to the artificial atmosphere of New Arcadia to the vampire-like antagonist who gains immortality from the blood of children, to two characters’ use of Klingon as code, this story is full of unique ideas.

The characters are realistic and believable in their actions and reactions. The hero, Rick, is a very likable and unlikely hero, an arc which McCoy carefully develops. The main villain, Colonel Cruikshank, is a dead-on representation of a sociopath bent on ruling the world at any cost. The supporting cast of characters is very diverse with little or no overlaps in either behavior or traits.

IndieReader “Approved” – 4.3 Stars

VERDICT: ASTEROIDS: Bridge to Nowhere is an extremely immersive adventure with memorable characters, tons of high-tech flourishes, and, despite being a massive book, debut novelist Mike McCoy keeps things moving briskly.

Protagonist Rick Munday is an astrophysicist with a unique theory concerning asteroids. Unfortunately, his theories are all too true and the government is desperately trying to cover up the fact that a massive, civilization-crushing meteor storm is imminent. Essentially kidnapped by a government faction planning for its own survival in Utopian underground cities, Munday must escape, avoid the pursuit of a zealous military assassin, and travel across a disaster-ridden country to rejoin his family in California. While attempting this, he also does everything he can to expose the government’s plans and save as many people as possible.

Munday is a great hero, fully relatable with plenty of vulnerability, humanity, and resourcefulness. However, many of the secondary characters are just as vividly rendered. Particularly the egomaniac Colonel Cruikshank, who is the delightfully believable, but totally unhinged leader of the dystopian cities.

The fast-paced plot is a kaleidoscope of fun science fiction themes, beginning with the puzzle and reveal of the government conspiracy mixed with some well-handled astrophysics. Various doomsday prep scenarios are explored from the intricate details involved in creating a sustainable underground network of cities, to family-level shelters, down to individual cases. Also thrown into the mix is a vigorous online gaming virtual battle, political wrangling, high-risk space missions, multiple love stories, and some philosophical musings about who can and should be saved when helping too many could threaten the survival of everyone. Author Mike McCoy’s skill somehow keeps all these elements together in a compelling narrative.

The menace of the meteor strikes is starkly conveyed and the peril facing the various characters throughout feels real. This isn’t one of those books where millions die but improbably, all the characters we’re invested in miraculously survive. This allows the tension and suspense to remain high through most of the various plotlines.

ASTEROIDS: Bridge to Nowhere is a very good read, and especially impressive for a first-time novelist.

Amazon Book Reviews

Oh Hey! Books

What Clive Cussler does for action/adventure, Mike McCoy does for science fiction. He has captured a fresh perspective on the future. The gamer aspect was timely and exciting. I am anxious to see where Mike McCoy takes us next.

What’s Next?

I continue to write. There will be another installment of the ASTEROID series, but I am currently working on a story that first popped in my mind when I was 12 or 13 years old. It’s been bouncing around my brain for nearly 50 years, so it’s about time I get it down on paper.

This story is shorter. It won’t be another five-hundred-page tome. It will probably qualify as a novella, so hopefully I can finish it by the end of this year.

I have many stories that I need to write. My problem is that I write very slowly, and I go through draft after draft adding story elements. I hope that as I mature as a writer, I can speed up my process.

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