T.A.C. FORCE – Sons of Khan

COMING early 2021

An exciting new novel from

Mike McCoy

This time we go to the Moon!

T.A.C. Force – Sons of Khan is a the story told by Frank Callahan. He tells his stories to those who demand to hear. You don’t know them, but they keep the records of everything.

Be patient reader, old stories take time to tell.

He did it all for a woman. Frank was the first man ever to get kicked off Luna. In a crazy move, he risked everything to get back to Moon Base Alpha, back to the woman he loved.

Frank is a simple man. He claims to be the first stowaway on a flight to the moon and the first homeless man on Luna. He’s a short guy with a short guy complex.

After decades of technological advancement and hundreds of missions, moon Base Alpha has moved beyond self-sufficiency. The base produces and sells resources; oxygen for rocket fuel, metals, manufactured goods and food. The first hotel on the moon is about to open which will create a burgeoning tourist economy. Frank day dreams about providing tours for the visitors. He imagines his future business success, if he can can avoid getting sent back to Earth.

Unfortunately the woman he loves doesn’t feel the same. She’s found another. Frank’s heart is broken and he nearly ends it all.

The night of the hotel’s pre-opening gala, the base is invaded by The Sons of Khan who want to take control of the base and reap the rewards of economic growth. The Khan capture everyone on base. Everyone but Frank.

Frank must use his skills, he has some skills he’s not a total idiot, his wits, and military intuition he didn’t know he had to save his friends and Moon Base Alpha. Frank begins as a klutzy guy who nearly kills himself before becoming an accidental hero who evolves to become a confident warrior and leader.  

Through the conflict in this first story of the T.A.C. FORCE saga, the beginnings of two powerful forces emerge. T.A.C. FORCE and the Khan. T.A.C. FORCE must defeat the Khan no matter where in the solar system the fight takes them.

Author’s note

The novel is written in first person so we only see and know what Frank sees. It’s a challenge for me to write this way. It’s a very different writing style compared to my first novel.

ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere was written in third person Omnipresent. This style allowed the reader/writer, to jump from character to character, place to place and be in the head of any character. We knew everything.

T.A.C. Force is more restrictive. We follow Frank. We see and know what Frank knows and feels. Hey man, the guy has thoughts and feelings. Frank is complex and philosophical. He considers the human condition and complications of life while he endures great conflict and tragedy.

My overall goal is to entertain by telling a story in my own way. Don’t ask me what other book this is like, I couldn’t tell you.…

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ASTEROIDS-Bridge to Nowhere

An asteroid storm of apocalyptic proportions is headed for Earth.

A mysterious group within the government called the Arcadian’s led by Colonel Cruikshank knows the storm is coming. This corrupt shadow government has taken extreme measures to keep the storm secret while building underground cities to protect the few and the fortunate. Cruikshank’s goal is that after the storm passes his survivors will emerge from the protected cities as a more perfect humanity. He is determined to create his Utopian society, no matter what it takes.

Rick Munday is a husband, father, and struggling Astrophysicist who needs his research grant approved. When Cruikshank learns that Rick’s grant proposal predicts the asteroid storm, Cruikshank drugs and kidnaps Rick, securing him in the underground city of New Arcadia.

On his quest to escape the Arcadian’s and reach his family, Rick, and friends he meets on his journey use high-tech hacking skills to warn the world of the coming disaster, expose the underground cities, and save thousands more souls. Captain Kobalt, Cruikshank’s enforcer chases Rick and his friends across America in an epic adventure leading to a climactic conflict between Rick and Kobalt.

Asteroids–Bridge to Nowhere is a fast-paced near-future dystopian adventure. Watch out! Tribulation will get you out there….

My Debut Novel

ASTEROIDS is my first novel. It has been quite a challenging task. It took me five years to get through the writing and editing process.

I originally launched the book with the sub-title “Escape from the Arcadians” and while the book received several glowing reviews, sales lagged. Several advertisements which featured just the cover art and a short description failed to generate interest, so it appears that people are judging the book by its cover.

I tested the new cover and subtitle with an advertisement on Goodreads and the response was much better. So, I am relaunching as ASTEROIDS-Bridge to Nowhere.

Hopefully the relaunch of ASTEROIDS will prove more successful.

I chock up new cover art and title as part of my novelist, self-publisher education.

Below is the original cover art published in April 2019.

ASTEROIDS is Receiving Great Reviews

Publishers Weekly – Booklife Prize Review

Booklife Prize 9.5 out of 10

Asteroids: Bridge to Nowhere” is a well-plotted, fast-paced book. McCoy’s narrative style flows well between the various characters’ stories and holds the reader’s attention with dramatic tension and enough twists to keep one eagerly turning the pages.

McCoy’s combination of everyday language and scientific jargon is extremely well-balanced. There isn’t a boring passage in the book. McCoy has a gift for creating images using minimal words.

Although asteroids hitting Earth is not a new story idea, McCoy manages to bring a fresh approach to his apocalyptic plot. From the futuristic weapons to the artificial atmosphere of New Arcadia to the vampire-like antagonist who gains immortality from the blood of children, to two characters’ use of Klingon as code, this story is full of unique ideas.

The characters are realistic and believable in their actions and reactions. The hero, Rick, is a very likable and unlikely hero, an arc which McCoy carefully develops.…

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