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On the Waterfront - Paperback

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“On the Waterfront is a coming-of-age drama, drenched in nostalgia, sadness, and a sense of deep longing. Emotion permeates every part of this story.”

At thirteen years old, Danny Novak faced challenges of self-acceptance, abuse, mortality, and death. It was the best summer of his life and the darkest days he ever lived.

When Danny arrives at Camp Baker in June 1972, he is happy to be away. Away from his mom, his bratty little brother, their crappy house, and his sad life. Danny is the youngest boy hired to work as camp staff, but he’s confident he’ll fit in. He quickly learns that he doesn’t.

Mark Colby, at sixteen and has a bad reputation that follows wherever he goes. He works on the waterfront and is the strongest, meanest boy on staff.

When Danny fails a swim test to work on the waterfront, a senior staff member forces Mark and Danny to spend every afternoon together. Mark wants nothing to do with the boy who has ruined his summer, but he must teach Danny to swim or get sent home. Home is the last place Mark wants to go.

The other boys on staff are afraid of Mark. Danny fears Mark too, but he’s determined to be on the waterfront crew. But even if he passes the test, will the boys accept Danny as one of them?

On the Waterfront is an engaging tale of two boys. Their struggles for acceptance, understanding, friendship, and learning that suffering can lead to a meaningful life. In the end, genuine friendship is honoring requests and promises kept.

Early Praise

"A classic coming-of-age story. Danny is an endearing, often funny voice, and his struggles are evocatively drawn. This may be a story about the small moments that shape a life, but McCoy imbues his story with relatable emotion and pathos. Danny is a wholly captivating lead character, and readers will quickly embrace his story as he navigates the rites of passage that yield profound revelations about friendship, power, fear, and what it means to grow up." Self-Publishing Review

On The Waterfront stands out from the crowd. The characters and the setting are written exceptionally well.” Beta Reader – BooksGoSocial

“On the Waterfront felt memoir-like, giving the story depth. A heartfelt tale of friendship and maturity.” Beta Reader – Entrada Publishing

“On the Waterfront is a well written novel, with punchy dialogue that rings true, and the descriptive writing brings the scenes to life.” Editorial assessment – The Oxford Editors

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