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Embark on a literary journey with Mike McCoy’s captivating novels, such as “On The Waterfront,” “Asteroids Bridge To Nowhere,” and “Obsidian Tales Of Karanga.” Experience unforgettable tales and gripping narratives.

A Word From The Author

Since I was a child, stories have occupied my mind. The symptom of a vivid imagination, I suppose. When I was nine, my older brother and I got in trouble for setting a field on fire. During my evaluation, a counselor showed me a series of Rorschach inkblots and images. I confidently verbalized detailed stories for each picture to that stupified old man. I still don’t know if I passed that test.

Writing is a challenging exercise, putting thoughts as words on paper. It’s difficult, but I find the process enlightening. I don’t write fast. I try to write well, hoping I keep the reader engaged and entertained.

Mike McCoy
Author – Entrepreneur – Traveler and occasional Athlete

On The Waterfront

It was the best summer of his life, and the darkest days he ever lived.
Danny Novak, at thirteen, was hired to work at Camp Baker for the summer. He’s the youngest boy on staff, but he’s sure he’ll fit right in. He quickly learns, it’s not that easy. When Danny fails the swim test to work on the waterfront, Mark, the bad boy on staff, is forced to teach Danny to swim or get sent home.

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What Readers Are Saying


Jeff Huckins On The Waterfront

Don't miss out on this delightful story. An easy read for all ages with characters that everyone can identify with. The writing is descriptive and also provides tidbits of history. You will laugh and cry in this beautifully written coming of age story.

Cyndi R. On The Waterfront

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Mike McCoy brought the characters to life in this adolescent youth summer camp story. It's a fast read, perfect for a day by the pool or in my case, an evening without AC in Arizona. It totally made me forget my sweaty misery for a few hours. Thanks, Mike! Great job!

Jonathan On The Waterfront

Fun read with lots of situational humor combined with serious content. The stories are raw; the author guides you through the situations making you sense the scene and feel what Danny is experiencing. You are not just told what is happening but rather you become engrossed and committed to the characters experiences. Excellent book!

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