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Discover captivating worlds and thrilling adventures in Mike McCoy’s books, including “On The Waterfront,” “Asteroids Bridge To Nowhere,” and “Obsidian Tales Of Karanga.”

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Jeff Huckins On The Waterfront

Don't miss out on this delightful story. An easy read for all ages with characters that everyone can identify with. The writing is descriptive and also provides tidbits of history. You will laugh and cry in this beautifully written coming of age story.

Cyndi R. On The Waterfront

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Mike McCoy brought the characters to life in this adolescent youth summer camp story. It's a fast read, perfect for a day by the pool or in my case, an evening without AC in Arizona. It totally made me forget my sweaty misery for a few hours. Thanks, Mike! Great job!

Jonathan On The Waterfront

Fun read with lots of situational humor combined with serious content. The stories are raw; the author guides you through the situations making you sense the scene and feel what Danny is experiencing. You are not just told what is happening but rather you become engrossed and committed to the characters experiences. Excellent book!

Donna Lane ASTEROIDS-Bridge to Nowhere

If this is his first novel, I really look forward yo more. His characters are well written and likable/hateable. The game twist makes it much less predictable and more enjoyable.

Ty Curtis ASTEROIDS-Bridge to Nowhere

If you are even the least bit interested in astronomy or space, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat. The deliberate and realistic attention to detail was amazing. The plot, based on a scientific hypothesis, creates plausibility, and an exciting drama that will keep you flipping the pages.

Nicole P ASTEROIDS-Bridge to Nowhere

Wow! This sure had a lot. First I loved the personality in the personality showed in this book. Lots of realistic, entertaining characters. This has a lot of detailed information too - the author knows what he is talking about! Once the plot gets going it really picks up speed. Also has humor throughout too and I liked that. If you are a sci-fi fan, read this one.

Patricia A. Beaver OBSIDIAN: Tales of Karanga

Thought-provoking. Powerful. A learning experience. Sad.

Mr.C OBSIDIAN: Tales of Karanga

The book Obsidian is a short si-fi story that creates an opportunity for the reader question our own humanity. The book has humans who discover and engage with higher intelligent life forms but neither group can understand or relate each other. The lack of understanding causes mayhem. Quick read. I liked the book and recommend it to other si-fi readers.

Lucy OBSIDIAN: Tales of Karanga

When the ant people meet humans, it is total misunderstanding. From the point where the ant people thought how ugly humans were, I saw the story as a comedy. Everything they and we did was misunderstood and resulted in death, mostly to us. One human surviver was left. Then the ant people repaired their ship and flew away.

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