Obsidian Tales Of Karanga

What if we found an ancient race… by mistake?

Trapped in their ship for an eternity, Mas Gwinyai and his mates toil through their tedious routine, holding onto hope, unwilling to die. Mas has time in abundance, so he sets out to write the ageless history of conflict between the Karanga and the Scragg. A story he believes no one will ever read. Karanga are a noble race that tends the gardens, keeping nature in balance since the dawn of time. Scragg destroy the garden. They are a murderous breed that know only war and death.

OBSIDIAN - Tales of Karanga

Authors Notes

Obsidian is a curious and intriguing tale. It’s a short story that takes place in a time long ago and present day. It’s a fantastical explanation of how our modern world came to be and a study of cultural bias and misunderstandings that cause endless strife.

Why do we war, kill, and fight?

Are the scragg human and the karanga something more, something different? Read the story and decide for yourself. How do humans treat other humans? How do we react when we stumble upon something we don’t understand? Do we stop and learn when presented with something extraordinary, or do we dissect and destroy it? Can we rise above and be more like them, or are we slaves to our nature?

The karanga character names and many of the words they use are based on the Shona language. Shona is a Bantu language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and Karanga is a dialect. I like the sound and tone of the words. I hoped to add depth through language as an aid in developing the characters as an ancient noble people.

What Readers Are Saying


Thought-provoking. Powerful. A learning experience. Sad.
Patricia A. Beaver
When the ant people meet humans, it is total misunderstanding. From the point where the ant people thought how ugly humans were, I saw the story as a comedy. Everything they and we did was misunderstood and resulted in death, mostly to us. One human surviver was left. Then the ant people repaired their ship and flew away.
The book Obsidian is a short si-fi story that creates an opportunity for the reader question our own humanity. The book has humans who discover and engage with higher intelligent life forms but neither group can understand or relate each other. The lack of understanding causes mayhem. Quick read. I liked the book and recommend it to other si-fi readers.
Mr. c
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