Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy is an international businessman and entrepreneur who has traveled extensively and worked in the consumer electronics industry for over twenty-five years. The company he founded developed a variety of innovative products which were sold in retail stores around the world. Mike is also an accomplished athlete known for long distance events. He completed a full Ironman Triathlon in 2006. He thought running fifty miles would be a good accomplishment, so for his fiftieth birthday he ran a double Marathon (52.4 miles). In 2018, Mike celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a six-hundred-mile bike ride from Florence, Oregon to San Francisco, California.

Somehow, he finds time to write.

Writer and Researcher

Mike has become a well know researcher in the field of asteroids and the risks of asteroid impacts to Earth. Mike spent hundreds of hours reading scientific studies, reading documents, and talking with NASA scientists while writing the novel ASTEROIDS.

Mike McCoy has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Late night in the Midlands, Night Dreams talk radio and many others discussing the risk that asteroids pose to life on Earth.

For the TAC FORCE Series, Mike has done extensive reading and research about the Moon and how to utilize moon dust, converting the regolith into water, oxygen, hydrogen, other gases, and metals to create life support, roads, and structures for self-sustaining moon colony.

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What if an asteroid storm was headed for Earth?

Would our government warn us, giving us time to protect ourselves?

NASA and FEMA outlined 5 Steps if a city killer Asteroid is discovered

1.) Text goes out to no more than twelve scientists (no more than 12?)

2.) Track Asteroids path

3.) Determine size and time of impact

4.) Confirm with FEMA that the impact is inevitable

5.) NASA and FEMA issue a joint public statement – agencies address how to protect Earth

What if they skipped step five and didn’t make a public statement?

What if, like in the book ASTEROIDS, they implemented the “Bliss Protocol” to keep the public from panicking?

Through the research Mike conducted while writing ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere, he has become an authority on the subject.

The prospect of an undiscovered asteroid smashing into Earth at any moment is terrifying.

The Minor Planet Center has cataloged only 22,000 Near Earth Objects (NEO’s) 460 feet and larger. Forty new objects are discovered every week.

It’s not the ones they’ve found that worry me. It’s the ones we haven’t spotted and aren’t tracking that scare me! An undiscovered asteroid could crash into Earth at any moment, and it would be a complete surprise! The danger is real. We’re all in this together.

NASA estimates that about two thirds of the NEO’s larger than 460 feet remain to be discovered.

What would happen if a city-killer asteroid impacted in the Los Angeles Basin?

Asteroid Shocks NASA

On July 25, 2019, asteroid 2019 OK a 427-foot-wide asteroid – that’s larger than a football field passed Earth at 40,000 miles – discovered just one day before passing Earth – and 2019 OK was the largest close encounter on record. It was a complete surprise!

A 400-foot asteroid doesn’t sound very large – how much damage could that cause?

In October 2016 NASA and FEMA conducted a simulation exercise of what might happen if an asteroid hit near Los Angeles. The simulation concluded that if a 330-foot asteroid hit southern California, the explosion would level cities for 30 miles, require mass evacuations and kill tens of thousands.

That sounds like a bad day in the neighborhood.

Imagine the damage an asteroid storm pummeling Earth with hundreds of asteroids daily would cause.

Author and researcher, Mike McCoy

Asteroids is an epic story dramatizing what could happen if an imminent asteroid storm were kept secret. Mike spent hundreds of hours of research studying asteroids, science, and technology during the process of creating a captivating drama. 

Mike McCoy has been involved in the tech industry for three decades and as the CEO of the company he founded, ADS Technologies, his team developed many innovative first to market products and sold them in retail stores all around the world. He uses his experience in product development to bring new products and technologies to life in this exciting adventure.

ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere is a fun yet terrifying adventure that takes place during an asteroid storm. It takes a few chapters to get everything laid out for the reader, but hang in there, the pace picks up and things get moving fast. Mike uses present tense because he wants the reader to feel the story is happening as they read. The use of present tense combined with quick cuts between story lines, sub-plots and characters creates a cinematic feel.

ASTEROIDS is the story about Rick Munday, how he gets involved in a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of our government, his quest to save more souls and his quest to reach his family. Can he make it over…. the Bridge to Nowhere?

ASTEROIDS takes place in the near future and includes lots of technology that is almost here. Mike uses the term science faction instead of science fiction because the reader can Google much of the tech in the story to learn more. Technologies that are in research labs today, are real products used by the characters in the book.

The places in the book are real. There really is a Bridge to Nowhere. Burwell, Nebraska is a real place. The location of New Arcadia is an empty field, today. The location of Salvation is a real place in the Mojave Desert. Mike used Purdue University’s Impact Earth website to create realistic impact craters.

Harpoon is an asteroid buster that is a real NASA concept. Mike spent hundreds of hours researching, working with maps and Google Earth to make the story as real and accurate as possible.

Two scientists assisted with technical sections of the book

Dr. Joe Nuth of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center came up with the concept of how an asteroid storm could bombard Earth. He consulted with Mike, edited the chapter in the book where the cause of the asteroid storm is described and proof-read the entire manuscript.

Dr. Bong Wie – Asteroid Deflection Research Center, Iowa State University – Mike read Dr. Wie’s research paper about NEO Impact Threat Mitigation. Dr. Wie and Mike discussed methods and technologies for planetary defense. Dr. Wie edited the description of the HARPOON device in the book and provided valuable feedback.

More about the Book

ASTEROIDS is an exciting adventure, but the story has many layers and asks many questions. How would the government react if they knew the world was going to be destroyed?

Would the government warn the world or try to save only themselves? 

Have you created a Utopian environment if you force it on the population? 

What happens when a small group of people have a secure place to live during the storm but adding more people will threaten the lives of everyone? Do you let more people in?

If you are religious and God told you to do something, would you do it without question even if you had no idea why he compelled you to do it?

How would you know if tribulation had begun?

Mankind’s greatest enemy in this world is other men. We team up, make allies, create devastating weapons and build armies for the purpose of battling other armies of men. When the enemy is asteroids falling from space, it’s every man for himself.

Through his challenges and adventures our hero, Rick Munday realizes that even when death surrounds you, love is the strongest motivation and family holds the most value. These values are what drive Rick to reach…..the Bridge to Nowhere.