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“On the Waterfront is comedic and heartbreaking, sharing the experiences of a young man trying to grow up on his own. The author has a conversational and engaging style, a deeply personal tone, easy pacing, and good character development. On the Waterfront is a sentimental, sometimes funny, poignant, and bittersweet novel, which makes it an entertaining and memorable read. If you are a fan of the coming-of-age genre, this book is for you.”

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Short Stories

Mike McCoy

Mike is an international businessman and entrepreneur who has traveled extensively and worked in the consumer electronics industry for thirty years. During his time in the tech industry, the company he founded developed a variety of innovative products which were sold in retail stores around the world.

Mike is also an accomplished athlete known for long distance events. He completed a full Ironman Triathlon in 2006. He thought running fifty miles when turning fifty would be a great accomplishment, so in 2008, he ran a double Marathon (52.4 miles) on his fiftieth birthday. In 2018, Mike celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a six-hundred-mile bike ride over six days from Florence, Oregon, to San Francisco, California. His favorite joke is that he gets in shape once a decade!

Somehow, Mike finds time to write.

Writer and Researcher

Mike has become a well-known researcher in the field of asteroids and the risks of asteroid impacts to Earth. Mike spent hundreds of hours reading scientific studies, researching government websites, and speaking with NASA scientists while writing the novel ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere.

Mike McCoy has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Late night in the Midlands, Night Dreams talk radio and many others discussing the risk that asteroids pose to life on Earth.

For the TAC FORCE Series, Mike spent many hours reading and conducted extensive research studying the Moon, how to utilize moon dust, converting regolith into water, oxygen, hydrogen, other gases, and metals to enable life supporting environments. Moon regolith can also be used to build roads and structures to create a self-sustaining moon colony.

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