About Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy

Author – Entrepreneur – Traveler and occasional Athlete

Mike is an international businessman and entrepreneur who has traveled extensively and worked in the consumer electronics industry for thirty years. During his time in the tech industry, the company he founded developed a variety of innovative products which were sold in retail stores around the world.

Mike is also an accomplished athlete known for long distance events. He completed a full Ironman Triathlon in 2006. He thought running fifty miles when turning fifty would be a great accomplishment, so in 2008, he ran a double Marathon (52.4 miles) on his fiftieth birthday. In 2018, Mike celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a six-hundred-mile bike ride over six days from Florence, Oregon, to San Francisco, California. His favorite joke is that he gets in shape once a decade!

Mike McCoy

Mike has become a well-known researcher in the field of asteroids and the risks of asteroid impacts to Earth. Mike spent hundreds of hours reading scientific studies, researching government websites, and speaking with NASA scientists while writing the novel ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere.

Mike McCoy has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Late night in the Midlands, Night Dreams talk radio and many others discussing the risk that asteroids pose to life on Earth.

Awards - On the Waterfront

National Indie Book Awards
National Indie Book Award Winner 2023
Press Award Winner
Independent Press Award 2023
Literary Titan Gold Book Award
Literary Titan Book Award 2023
Reader's Favorite
2023 Readers Favorite – Honorable Mention

"Don’t allow doubt to cloud your ambition."

Mike McCoy

Need a Speaker for Your Upcoming Event?

Mike is available for readings, interviews, or speaking engagements remotely, or in person. Mike is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and podcasts, discussing the threat that asteroids pose to Earth, and how utterly unprepared humankind is for a deadly impact.

While writing his upcoming book TAC FORCE – Sons of Khan, Mike conducted extensive research on how to create a sustainable Moon base using the minerals and resources found in the lunar regolith.

The Moon is our logical launchpad to explore the solar system. Using oxygen, water, and metals developed on the Moon, we can create a space-based material supply industry providing rocket fuel, iron, aluminum, and other metals to build spacecraft in the Moon’s orbit that will deliver Earthlings to Mars and beyond.

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