In addition to writing novels, I am working on a series of topical articles.

These articles will be editorial commentaries on current issues related to business, entrepreneurship, and the economy.

I started working from a young age. Starting as a dishwasher and bus boy at the Sizzler Steak House in Springfield, Oregon at the age of 15; I became the manager at the age of 18.

I worked in restaurants for many years as a waiter, cook and store manager as I worked my way through college. While managing the Sizzler in Coos Bay, Oregon I keep my own books for the business logging revenues and cost on a paper spreadsheet. This experience became the foundation of my business experience.

Years later I went on to found ADS Technologies, a company that created peripherals and add-in cards for Window’s PC’s. ADS sold products to retail stores worldwide and grew to be a thirty-million-dollar enterprise.

Through my various business enterprises, I have visited thirty-five countries. My travels have allowed me to build relationships and friendships with businesspeople in many countries. Through this experience I have acquired a unique perspective to many issues the world faces today. I hope to use these relationships to get their opinions on business, trade, and economic topics.

I have studied business and economics for decades and hope to share my insights in upcoming articles.

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