Obsidian Tales Of Karanga By Mike McCoy

What if we found an ancient race… by mistake? Trapped in their ship for an eternity, Mas Gwinyai and his mates toil through their tedious routine, holding onto hope, unwilling to die. Mas has time in abundance, so he sets out to write the ageless history of conflict between the Karanga and the Scragg. A story he believes no one will ever read. Karanga are a noble race that tends the gardens, keeping nature in balance since the dawn of time. Scragg destroy the garden. They are a murderous breed that know only war and death. Dr. Dale Clark and a group of graduate students visit the site of a mysterious obsidian spire, hoping to learn what lies beneath. What happens when Mas and his shipmates come face to face with the Dr. Clark and his students is shocking. Can Mas stop the cycle of war and make peace, or is nature a force too powerful to overcome?
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