TAC FORCE – Sons of Khan

COMING early 2021

An exciting new novel from

Mike McCoy

This time we go to the Moon!

Everything he did was for the love of a woman.

Frank Callahan risked his life to get back to the Moon.

He was the first man to get kicked off the Moon, and the first man to hitch a ride back. The Grand Luna hotel is about to open. With the addition of the hotel, Moon Base Alpha will launch a vibrant moon-based economy.

Frank is a short, clumsy, hapless guy who has big dreams. When he got booted off the moon, it was clear he was not to return. If Frank can stay out of the brig, he plans to reunite with the woman he loves and start a tour company for hotel guests.

While helping save a scientist from a life-threatening accident, Frank learns of a secret metal derived from a unique ore discovered near the base.

During the hotel’s pre-opening gala, the Sons of Khan invade Moon Base Alpha to take control of the burgeoning moon economy. The Khan capture everyone on base. Everyone but Frank.

Frank must use his wits, skills, and military intuition he didn’t know he had to save his friends, Moon Base Alpha, and the woman he loves.

While fighting to defeat the Sons of Khan, Frank learns there could be another reason for the invasion.

TAC FORCE – Sons of Khan is an exciting high-tech military adventure that examines love, death, truth, and greed.

Author’s note

The novel is written in first person so we only see and know what Frank sees. It’s a challenge for me to write this way. It’s a very different writing style compared to my first novel.

ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere was written in third person omnipresent. This style allowed the reader/writer, to jump from character to character, place to place and be in the head of any character. We knew everything.

T.A.C. Force is more restrictive. We follow Frank. We see and know what Frank knows and feels. Hey man, the guy has thoughts and feelings. Frank is complex and philosophical. He considers the human condition and complications of life while he endures great conflict and tragedy.

My overall goal is to entertain by telling a story in my own way. Don’t ask me what other book this is like, I couldn’t tell you. It’s a high-tech military action adventure in space, there are many of those. I hope you find this story unique, fun, and an exciting read.

A fun work in progress

I began writing TAC Force (this is the working title) at the end of April after spending weeks reading and downloading everything I could find about building a moon base. I learned how to use moon regolith to build roads, landing pads and construct buildings. I also researched methods to extract oxygen and hydrogen from moon dust and how to use the left over alloys to make metal components.

I am using all this technology to create Moon Base Alpha at the base of Mons Malapert, one of the tallest mountains in the South Pole region. The peak of Malapert mountain, known as the peak of eternal sunlight receives almost constant sunlight, perfect for solar power generation and Earth is almost always in view enabling near constant communication with Earth possible.


October 20, 2020 – I completed the first draft on sept. 21. I spent nearly a month editing, reading and fixing. The manuscript is 73,000 words and 183 pages. I have begun sending the manuscript to select beta readers for their feedback before I send it to a professional editor. I am sure there will be more rewrites and edits before I can really say this novel is finished.

Sample Chapters

If you’d like to get a sneak peak at the first two chapters you can read them on Medium.

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