When will we have VUE Lens?


In the book ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere several characters use a device I named VUE Lens.

This is a great of example of technology in development today, but not ready for everyday use by the mass market.

In the book, VUE Lens are a common everyday product most people can afford to use like glasses as their primary interface to access the internet.

Characters use VUE Lens for Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) applications.

The characters in the book use hand motions and finger presses in mid-air to control their Lens.

The young boy Ethan uses his VUE Lens to play games. His sister users her Lens to take part in a group video chat session, while the Secretary of Interior Jerome Hargrove III, is addicted to his VUE Lens using them for quick, sometimes frantic searches.

Microsoft Hololens

I created and wrote about VUE Lens in 2014, before Microsoft introduced a similar concept called HoloLens in January 2015. For several months after the launch of Hololens, developers could only purchase the device.

Microsoft has now announced Hololens 2 – you can Pre-order a set for only $3,500 USD. This is better, but still far from being an affordable, everyday consumer device.

Magic Leap one

Another product in development is the Magic Leap One. These things look Spacey! The Magic Leap announced the Magic Leap One Dec. 20, 2017 after years of development in secrecy and more than $2 Billion in funding.

The Magic Leap One design is closer to what I envisioned for VUE Lens, but I imagined them as lighter and less bulky. You can order your very own pair of Leap One for only $2,295.00

That’s more than twice the price of the top end iPhone.

APPLE Glasses

Rumored has it that Apple is developing glasses that will interface with an iPhone.

The glasses would enable Augmented Reality applications (AR) and rumor has it they will ship by the second quarter of 2020.

Apple keeps a tight lid on unannounced products, so we will have to wait for more leaks or news from Apple before we have more details.


Because ASTEROIDS takes place in the near future, my aim was to present the reader with technology that would be available not too far in the distant future.

I didn’t focus on hard science fiction but coined the term “science-faction” because I included technologies just out of reach from users today.

I thought it might be fun and intriguing for users to google the products and technologies to learn more and maybe get more people interested in science and technology.

We will have to wait and see when an affordable consumer product like VUE Lens makes it to market. I guess that will be someday in our futures.


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