Asteroids Size Comparison

A new animation created by Alvaro Montoya provides a terrifying look at some notable asteroids in our solar system.

Hang on to your hats – Apophis will make a close call with Earth on Friday the 13th 2029 skimming our atmosphere just 18,000 miles up. Keep in mind that telecom satellites orbit 22,0000 miles up.

The B612 Foundation concluded in 2018 that it’s “100 percent certain we’ll be hit, but we’re not 100 percent sure when.”

That same year, Stephen Hawking wrote in his last book ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions’ that asteroids are the biggest threat to Earth.

A JPL mission named, DAWN visited Vesta in 2011 and began orbiting Ceres in 2015, the largest dwarf planet in the Asteroid Belt. DAWN was the first spacecraft to orbit one object, then travel to and orbit a second object.

Asteroids are scary, yet amazing.

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Coast to Coast AM – Interview Questions

Below are the notes I wrote and submitted to Coast to Coast AM and George Noory for my radio interview, February 12th, 2019.

I’m not sure if George read all this but writing the notes and reviewing them helped me prepare for the show.

I had most of the pages spread out in front of me during the show for quick reference, but in the end, I was able to respond to George without looing at my cheat sheet!

Book Overview

ASTEROIDS – Bridge to Nowhere is a fun yet frightening adventure that takes place during an asteroid storm that occurs every night. A rouge group inside the government knew the asteroid storm was headed for Earth and worked very hard to keep it a secret, even from the rest of the government. Since world destruction is assured, their leader believes it is better to keep the populace ignorant while preparing underground cities for his ‘Few and Fortunate.’

Rick Munday, an astrophysicist from Cal tech, unwittingly gets involved in this conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of our government. He battles the rogue forces who attempt to thwart his efforts to save people from the storms and his quest to reach his family, beyond the Bridge to Nowhere.

ASTEROIDS takes place in the near future and includes lots of technology that is almost here. I tend to call this science faction instead of science fiction because the reader can Google much of the tech to learn more. The story features technologies that are currently being researched or are in development today but are not available as products. In the future these technologies are everyday consumer products fully embedded in the characters’ lives.

The places are real.  There really is a Bridge to Nowhere. Burwell, Nebraska is a real place. The location of New Arcadia is an empty field, today. The location of Salvation in the Mojave Desert is a real place.

The asteroid impacts are real. I used Purdue’s Impact Earth website to create realistic impact craters. Harpoon is an asteroid smasher that is a real NASA concept. I spent hundreds of hours researching asteroids and technology and worked with maps to make everything is as real and accurate as possible.

ASTEROIDS is an exciting adventure that includes conspiracy theories like government coverups and underground cities including the city of New Zion under the Denver airport. Six cities are connected by underground high-speed rail, but the story has many layers and asks moral and ethical questions:

Can we trust the Government?

How would the government react if they knew the world was going to be destroyed by asteroids?

– Would they warn the world?

– Would they keep it secret?

– Would they plan to save only themselves?

How do you decide who survives and who dies?

– What happens when a small group of people have a secure place to live during the storm but adding more people threaten the lives of everyone? Do you let more people in?

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Budapest Fan Club

My fan club from Budapest, Hungary checked in today!

These guys, Gabor and Kornel were one of the first distributors in Europe to sell the PYRO FireWire card my company, ADS Tech developed in 1999.

PYRO was the first IEEE 1394 OHCI FireWire card in the World!

They sold thousands of cards. If you knew what Hungary was like in 1999 you would realize what an incredible feat that was.

At the time, I thought their company was an established distributor in Hungary. Years later, I learned that they formed the company to sell PYRO and ADS was the first supplier for the company!

They are still in business today, so good on them!

Today they sent these photos with ASTEROIDS!

It’s wonderful to have support from friends around the world!

Thanks Guys!

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Mike McCoy on Coast to Coast AM

Mike McCoy will be a guest on Coast to Coast AM this coming Wednesday February 12th

10PM to Midnight 

I’ll be discussing the dangers asteroids pose to Earth, how to defend Earth from asteroid bombardment and how to survive an impact.  

You can listen on the iHeart Radio app – just search for KFI-AM Los Angeles to listen live!

Coast to Coast AM airs on over 600 stations in the US, Canada and Mexico and is heard by three million listeners weekly.

A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained phenomena.


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Atlas Obscura Discovers ‘Bridge to Nowhere’


Atlas Obscura, one of my favorite sites on the internet focuses on the odd, weird, and obscure has discovered the ‘Bridge to Nowhere,’ the same bridge in my book, ASTEROIDS!

Atlas Obscura included the Bridge to Nowhere located in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles in a roundup of eight bridges to nowhere.

Here’s what they wrote:

The Bridge to Nowhere is a truss arch bridge that was built in 1936 just north of Azusa, California in the San Gabriel Mountains. The bridge spans the East Fork of the San Gabriel River and was intended to connect the San Gabriel Valley with Wrightwood, California. During its initial construction, Los Angeles County claimed that the bridge and connected highway would be one of the most scenic roads in America.

Unfortunately, these thoughts quickly changed when the East Fork Road, which provided access to the bridge, was washed out during a massive flood in 1938, just two years after the bridge’s completion. The entire project was then abandoned, and the bridge was left forever stranded in the middle of the Sheep Mountain wilderness, without having a single car ever cross it.

Today, the bridge is only accessible by a 10-mile round-trip hike, which ascends to 2760 feet while crossing the riverbed six times. Parts of the old asphalt roadway can still be found along the East Fork Trail, as well as a number of concrete slabs which formed the foundations of bridges that were also destroyed by the flood. Despite its popularity, the trail frequently gets washed out and can be very dangerous. There have been a large number of deaths along the San Gabriel River due to travelers crossing the rough waters en route to the bridge.

The Bridge to Nowhere remains one of the most bizarre artifacts of the San Gabriel Mountains. What began as a significant state transportation initiative slowly became a desolate destination for hikers and bungee jumpers. The connected road and nearby bridges may have been crushed and ruined by countless floods, but the Bridge to Nowhere remains true, unused, and alone in the wilderness.

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A bad day for Los Angeles?

Imagine if the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko landed on Los Angeles.

The comet is approximately 2.7 miles by 2.5 miles at its longest and widest dimensions and speeds through space at 84,000 miles per hour.

Like other comets, 67P probably originated in the Kuiper belt and was ejected towards the interior of the solar system.

There is no risk of 67P crossing paths with Earth, but if it did, it would be a very bad day for Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California.


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