Asteroids Size Comparison

A new animation created by Alvaro Montoya provides a terrifying look at some notable asteroids in our solar system.

Hang on to your hats – Apophis will make a close call with Earth on Friday the 13th 2029 skimming our atmosphere just 18,000 miles up. Keep in mind that telecom satellites orbit 22,0000 miles up.

The B612 Foundation concluded in 2018 that it’s “100 percent certain we’ll be hit, but we’re not 100 percent sure when.”

That same year, Stephen Hawking wrote in his last book ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions’ that asteroids are the biggest threat to Earth.

A JPL mission named, DAWN visited Vesta in 2011 and began orbiting Ceres in 2015, the largest dwarf planet in the Asteroid Belt. DAWN was the first spacecraft to orbit one object, then travel to and orbit a second object.

Asteroids are scary, yet amazing.

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