Asteroid Discovery

Below is a presentation about asteroid discovery, government mandates to disocer threatening asteroids, asteroid close calls and what would happen if a 500 ft. asteroid impacted Earth. What event spurred the development of NEOWISE, the only space telescope searching for asteroids? What finally got NASA to fund a new space telescope called NEOCAM? NEOWISE is …

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First Signed Copy

After hearing my interview on Coast to Coast AM, Ray Maffit sent an e-mail asking if he could buy a signed copy of ASTEROIDS to include in his book collection. This was the first request from a reader to buy a signed copy. I didn’t have a storefront on my website at that time, but …

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Searching for Planet 9

While a guest recently on the radio show Late Night in the Midlands a listener asked about Planet 9. Talk of Planet 9 is usually the topic of late night talk radio and conspiracy theorists but, Mike Brown a professor of Planetary Astronomy at the California Institute of Technology discusses the real possibility of the …

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Budapest Fan Club

My fan club from Budapest, Hungary checked in today! These guys, Gabor and Kornel were one of the first distributors in Europe to sell the PYRO FireWire card my company, ADS Tech developed in 1999. PYRO was the first IEEE 1394 OHCI FireWire card in the World! They sold thousands of cards. If you knew …

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